Year 7: End-of-term test

Please read the instructions for the end-of-term test 🙂

VII End-of-term test PRACTICE 2018


Year 6 – May/June 2018 (šestaci)

Dear sixth-graders,

We will be having a busy May/June. Don’t worry. You have been working hard and you should aim high in the following tests.

The first grade you will get is the mean of two mini tests.

Mini test 1 (11/5 – VI2, VI4; 14/5 – VI1, VI3): modal verbs, comparison  Mini test May

Mini test 2 (18/5 – VI2, VI4; 21/5 – VI1, VI3):  a short piece of writing – you will not get a list of topics (it does not make sense!) but you should revise the texts we have covered during Year 6

The second grade is dictation. You had Dictation 1 a month ago or so. Dictation 2 is scheduled for Wednesday 30 May. You need to revise the following texts:

Record Breakers (p.54), Talent Show (p.56), The Magic Amulet (p.58), School Uniforms (p.62),

 I Spy (p.64), The Magic Amulet (p.68), Making Trash into Treasure (p.80)

Please revise the updated wordlist: Wordlist Year 6

The third grade is the Final Test (Drugi pismeni zadatak). It is scheduled for June 6.  This is a list of questions for practice: Year 6 Final Test LIST OF QUESTIONS

The fourth and fifth grade will be Speaking (during May and June) and class contribution (aktivnost).